dock1 [dɔk US da:k] n
[Date: 1300-1400; : Middle Dutch; Origin: docke]
a place in a port where ships are loaded, unloaded, or repaired
→↑dry dock
A crowd was waiting at the dock to greet them.
in dock
The ship is in dock for repairs.
2.) the docks [plural]
the area of a port where there are docks
James arrived at the docks expecting to see a luxury liner.
3.) AmE
a ↑jetty
4.) the dock
the part of a law court where the person who is charged with a crime stands
in the dock
Three defendants stood in the dock.
5.) in the dock
especially BrE thought to have done something dishonest, harmful, or wrong
These chemicals remain in the dock until we have more scientific evidence.
6.) [U and C]
a plant with thick green leaves that grows wild in Britain
a dock leaf
dock 2
dock2 v
2 dock somebody's wages/pay/salary
[Sense: 1,3-4; Date: 1500-1600; Origin: DOCK1]
[Sense: 2,5; Date: 1300-1400; Origin: Probably from Old English docca 'muscle']
1.) ¦(SHIPS)¦ [I and T]
if a ship docks, or if the captain docks it, it sails into a dock so that it can unload
dock at/in
We docked at Rangoon the next morning.
2.) dock sb's wages/pay/salary
to reduce the amount of money you pay someone as a punishment
The company has threatened to dock the officers' pay.
3.) ¦(COMPUTERS)¦ [T]
to connect two computers using an electrical wire
dock sth to/into/with sth
Users can dock a laptop to their desktop setup.
4.) ¦(SPACECRAFT)¦ [I + with]
if two spacecraft dock, they join together in space
5.) ¦(ANIMALS)¦ [T]
to cut an animal's tail short

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